Monday, January 22, 2018

Android Simply Login Using Firebase UI

Hello everyone, today i gonna be post a nice tutorial relate with login process that provided by Firebase called Firebase UI.


What is Firebase UI ?

As simple as i can explain, Firebase UI will provide us the easy way  to creating login process even  login using Facebook, Google account, Email or Twitter

With Firebase UI you don't need create your login form or other API to do login, Firebase UI will handle it all.

Video Result

For achieve that goal, please follow the following steps :

Create Your Application On Firebase

Please go to firebase console and create your project

Create firebase project

After that, choose your platform, in this case choose Android Platform.

Choose platform

Add your SHA-1 key and your package name

Add package name and SHA-1

Download the google-service.json

Download google-service.json

After downloaded, place it inside your app folder. Please take a look at the following figure

App folder

Configuration Gradle

Make sure your gradles are similar with the following gradles :

build.gradle(Project : YourProjectName)

build.gradle(Module : App)

Create your Android Studio Project

You just need 1 XML layout and 1 java class to create login process using Firebase UI. Here they are :


Write the following code to create a simple view.

Run your project, and may it running well. Thank you.

Download the project here : LINK GITHUB

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